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Travel Approval, New Job, Great Day

We just got our travel approval from China–and I just became the kids’ media reviewer for Double X (part of Slate). A double good news whammy.

When do you travel?
We won’t know until Monday, because of the Dragon Boat festival. I would be more resentful, but I happen to love dragon boats! I’d guess we’ll be gone the second half of June.

What’s this job thing?
I’ll be doing all the kids’ media reviews for doubleX. It’s a spinoff of Slate that just launched two weeks ago, from their double X blog, and I’m proud to be a part of it. It’s good stuff–look for it to someday dominate when you’re getting all your news on your iPaper.

Did you bring me any chocolate from Theo in Seatlle?
Probably! It took two bags to carry away our haul. Of course I ate a fair amount yesterday…

What happened to the NHPR gig?
Oh, I still do that. I just don’t always get the link up. I’m working on it.

How can I get everything I was hoping would happen one day and didn’t to go right ahead and happen the next?
Go do something nice for somebody else. I put some time in yesterday to Project Caleb–and while I won’t say it helped, it definitely made me feel better. Not that you could probably tell from my grumpy blog–but the third issue yesterday–which is now all fixed–was that the blog was broken, and I could only post by phone. Which no doubt saved us all from a whiny, self-pitying pile of babbling crap, into which I would hopefully have injected a reminder that 1) my problems don’t amount to a hill of dung in this crazy world and 2) the only thing I can control is what I do, so I might as well make it count.

What’s Project Caleb?
You’ll find out! We’re going to do something good, and I’m going to need lots of help.

BTW, comments are fixed. Plugin issue. 99% of wordpress problems come down to just that!

KJTravel Approval, New Job, Great Day
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Just another classical evening

Tonight Sam and Lily were back in Mandarin class. Rob drew the short straw, so he came home with grumpy Wyatt to put him to bed (I can tell he’s peeved, because he’s on the upstairs computer, not the downstairs), while me and my laptop hung out at the Dartmouth arts building (nice view of the green, comfy chairs, excellent wireless). As I lingered, responding to email, syncing calendars, etc., a student came in to practice on the grand piano.

So I have live classical music to blog to.

Oh–and wondering about the picture? It’s an EXTREME close up of a really super cute pic of the kids holding Rebecca’s picture. I’ll fix it later. I had a jpg sizing issue, obviously.

Knowing Rob never reads this, I can safely say that Dartmouth might just offer more than NYC–because we can use it. In NYC, we’d be fighting to get our kids into a production of the nutcracker, or chinese classes. We’d skip the plays and such because after all, they’ll always be there. And as far as I know, free classical piano music while you dick around on your computer isn’t even offered.

KJJust another classical evening
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Brain-stretching CSS exploration and Erik Reece

Those two things don’t really go together, do they? Or maybe they do. Perhaps Erik Reece, an author whose new book: An American Gospel I know I’m going to enjoy, also, when he isn’t exploraring the relationships among history, the gospel and environmentalism, likes to get in a good CSS coding session. I heard Reece on NPR this morning–this is a book that’s going to really play into some of the issues that have been percolating in my life and mind of late. So I put it on the Kindle, along with Isabel Gillies’ Happens Every Day. Now, those are books that would produce a juicy, hollerin’ book group session (hmm, more things that don’t usually go together).

Obviously, I’m messing with the blog. Style, code, everything. To make a long story short, my old theme worked with a way outdated version of WordPress, and on top of that I broke the sidebar at some point in the distant past, and now I can’t even remember what I was trying to do when I did that, so the odds of me finding the piece of code I changed–and mind you, it could be as simple as adding a space or erasing a comma–are nil.

So I’m re-coding another theme I like to fit, and we’re having some growing pains. But as an exercise, I recommend it. Rob does crossword puzzles, I crawl around in html and css making minor changes and adjustments. Either forces you to use your brain in unaccustomed ways, which I fully expect to pay off later, when, at age 101, I can program my dvr/jet pack to allow me to watch CSI: Venus in transit.

Actually I would never, ever watch CSI:Venus. But I’m sure somebody will.

KJBrain-stretching CSS exploration and Erik Reece
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