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The “devils” we’re raising are Sam, born 6/01 in NYC, Lily, born 6/04 and Wyatt, born 3/06, both in New Hampshire and Rory, born 9/23/05 in China and adopted in July of 2009. They’re joyful, delightful, manipulative, agravating,infuriating, delicious and fabulous, and much enamored of one another. I don’t raise them alone, but I blog solo, so you may get the impression this is pretty much wholly my world. I’m told that’s an impression I convey quite often.

I’m a writer, a recovering lawyer, a former and someday once again New Yorker. I cover the intersection of women, family, work and culture for Slate‘s DoubleX and its XX Factor blog. I’m a contributing editor with a column in every issue for Kiwi magazine (on the intersection of real life and aspirational organic parenting). My work has also appeared in the New York Times (online edition), Parents, Parenting, on Babble, and in other outlets, including the lost and still regretted Wondertime. My first book, Reading with Babies, Toddlers and Twos (co-written with Susan Straub) came out in May ’06. I have another in the works.

Write me to share your devil-rearing angst or to dish on the eating scene in NYC (or in the Upper Valley) at: kjATSYMBOLHEREraisingdevilsDOTcom. Obviously, you should fix that email address right up (just one of the many ways you’re a dramatic improvement over a spam-bot).

Raising Devils (the title) is an homage to the great Shirley Jackson (with a nod to my husband’s alma mater as well).

Googlers searching for entertainment should find me if they tap in: clever, witty parenting blog, blog full of writer’s angst, cooking pop-tarts over an open flame, a good nanny-exorcist is hard to find, china adoption can be hell on wheels or something to read instead of working. Googlers have actually found me by searching the following: poopy pants. It’s my final revenge on my son, that forever more, unless I choose to take it down someday, if you google the words poopy pants, you will find him. I think he may be pretty anxious to persuade me to change that someday, don’t you?

With the devils

Me, a rather longish time ago now.



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