Travel to China!

Travel Approval, New Job, Great Day

We just got our travel approval from China–and I just became the kids’ media reviewer for Double X (part of Slate). A double good news whammy.

When do you travel?
We won’t know until Monday, because of the Dragon Boat festival. I would be more resentful, but I happen to love dragon boats! I’d guess we’ll be gone the second half of June.

What’s this job thing?
I’ll be doing all the kids’ media reviews for doubleX. It’s a spinoff of Slate that just launched two weeks ago, from their double X blog, and I’m proud to be a part of it. It’s good stuff–look for it to someday dominate when you’re getting all your news on your iPaper.

Did you bring me any chocolate from Theo in Seatlle?
Probably! It took two bags to carry away our haul. Of course I ate a fair amount yesterday…

What happened to the NHPR gig?
Oh, I still do that. I just don’t always get the link up. I’m working on it.

How can I get everything I was hoping would happen one day and didn’t to go right ahead and happen the next?
Go do something nice for somebody else. I put some time in yesterday to Project Caleb–and while I won’t say it helped, it definitely made me feel better. Not that you could probably tell from my grumpy blog–but the third issue yesterday–which is now all fixed–was that the blog was broken, and I could only post by phone. Which no doubt saved us all from a whiny, self-pitying pile of babbling crap, into which I would hopefully have injected a reminder that 1) my problems don’t amount to a hill of dung in this crazy world and 2) the only thing I can control is what I do, so I might as well make it count.

What’s Project Caleb?
You’ll find out! We’re going to do something good, and I’m going to need lots of help.

BTW, comments are fixed. Plugin issue. 99% of wordpress problems come down to just that!

KJTravel Approval, New Job, Great Day
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A Wee Bit of Trouble Concentrating

I am having just a wee bit of trouble getting anything done. Anything, that is, besides dicking around on the internet preparing to go to China.

Much lies in between us and China, as it happens. Including Seattle and my sister-in-law’s wedding, Lily’s birthday, a photo shoot for Family Fun magazine, and some pretty substantial housework. Among the things I could have accomplished today, it’s worth including: ordering bow ties, arranging a larger propane tank, packing up assorted outgrown clothing, completing a variety of writing-related tasks and emails such, figuring out why my “mobile me” calendar never syncs, learning additional Mandarin….

I could go on. But instead, I’ll: draft the first part of something, send my editor at NHPR my next post, go home and pick up Sam’s ballet stuff, order the bow ties and call my doctor about travel shots. That’s a good, achievable list for the afternoon. Oh, and drop books at the library.

Oh, sorry, am I boring you?

KJA Wee Bit of Trouble Concentrating
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Big Stuff Afoot!


So, none of what I planned to get done this afternoon got done, although, oddly, I cleaned part of the vegetable garden. Because, what with packing for Texas, finishing Rebecca’s dvd and package, finishing a pitch for my conference next week, doing a new post for the NHPR site I just started writing for, finishing the article for Parenting I wanted to have done before we left Friday…well, clearly what I really needed to do was work in the garden. Because we have LOA. (What the hell is that? See the previous post, please!)

But I digress (an excellent alternative title for this blog, btw).

Now we can plan. Now we can count. Here’s my secret plan: We’re in Seattle for Aliza’s wedding until May 27. I want to fly from there. It’s easier. It shaves 4 hours off our trip. It combines the craziness, and why not do that? It’s really reasonable, date-wise. Our agency won’t want to go for it. It’s going to make them nervous–too much planning too far ahead. I plan to spring it on them later. Rob I’m going to spring it on later tonight. He took all my mad sudden planning today very well (possibly because he was on his way out to play a last round of paddle tennis before the weather gets too warm to play, and don’t ask me to explain how that can be, because I can’t.) I do think it’s a good idea.

But–on to the most important subject tonight: Rebecca’s name. Now, Rebecca. A very good name, in fact. Solid. American. I like it. We’ll keep it. But we didn’t give it to her. And we do like naming. So we have some strong contenders for a middle or first name, and then we’ll see how it shakes out. I never, ever tell names beforehand, because the minute you do, someone says “Oh, I had a dog called that!” or “That was the name of the kid in third grade that everyone picked on!”.

But I’m going to do it now anyway. Here are the leading contenders:

  • Rebecca Rose, called “Rory”
  • Rebecca Claire
  • Audrey Rebecca
  • Rebecca Jade
  • Rebecca Elizabeth
  • Margaret Rebecca
  • Rebecca Skye (I suspect Rob’s just humoring me by leaving this one on)
  • Lucy Rebecca (much as I like this one, I think it’s out. Too many Lucy’s around already, plus it sounds like Lily. Ok, out.
  • We’re also adding a character to her Chinese name, but since I can’t type the characters and you can’t read them (neither can I) I will just leave them out, because that one has to both sound good and have the right meaning. I’ll get back to you.

    Really, I have to go do something else. Seriously.

    KJBig Stuff Afoot!
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