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Not Me!

IMAGE REMOVED DUE TO COPYRIGHT FEARS, BUT IT WAS A FAMILY CIRCUS CARTOON FEATURING THE “NOT ME” GHOST. When I was a kid I thought these Family Circus comics were so funny! Can you imagine a bunch of kids all saying it wasn’t them? That would be so crazy! I was an only child, and only once, once in my entire life was I ever not responsible for some transgression I was accused of. Left the oreos open? Me. Milk […]

The Traditional Birthday Tantrum

First of all, let me say that I angsted over this pinata. I don’t even like pinatas. I mean, I did, when I was little and lived in San Antonio, where some kids had pinatas hanging in their rooms from trips to Nuevo Laredo (in more peaceful times). Me, I had a large ceramic piggy bank I believed was decorated in traditional fashion. No one I knew had ever had a pinata to break, although we had heard of them. […]

How It Could Be

Today: Lily’s lacrosse. Lily’s lacrosse takes place from 3:15-4:15 at the green in front of the elementary school in one of the next towns over. On the down side, it’s a solid 20 minutes there from Lily’s school, which gets out at … 3. This means we WILL be late. No matter how hard I try. I can be bright and shiny and first in the carpool line, and there we will still be: late. On the plus side, Lily’s […]

Homework Help

It’s a beautiful night here. I’d like to go for a walk with the dog. I would much rather be going for a walk with the dog–and even the younger kids–than babysitting by 7-year-old while he completes a project about New York state for his “state fair.” Go ahead, you say? Why don’t you? Why should you be stuck with hishomework? Well, if I don’t contribute at all, then what he will end up with is a posterboard covered in […]

Why It’s Easier to Just MAKE the Tea

There has been some recent discussion in the Beyond Nuclear household about how our children do not do enough for themselves. When Sam asked for a hot drink after dinner tonight (because it’s April in New Hampshire), it seemed like the perfect opportunity. He is a responsible child, and permitted to use, on occasion, sharp knives. I will show you how to make yourself some tea, I said. I put the tea kettle on to boil and showed him where […]

Thirty Minutes a Day, Take One

So, when I vow to make a change, I do not set what anyone would call manageable goals. I tend to go big, which means that now that the deficiencies in Sam’s education have been drawn more emphatically to my attention (Thanks Mom!) and with the possiblility (probablility) of his heading to Crossroads (local independent school) in the near future, where they have standards and expect the kids to know actual things (like what mummies are and how the circulatory […]

In Praise of Wyatt (Why not?)

OK, Wyatt is exceptional. And in the interest of bringing everyone around to my way of thinking, let me just share some of the cute and brilliant things he’s said in the past couple of days–two weeks shy of his second birthday (because there’s nothing more fascinating than stories about the cute things my kid said, is there?) He and Lily were playing Hide and Seek. He found her, and there was much giggling, and he said “I thought you […]

Patience: Not My Virtue

Today was solo time day for Sam and Lily–well, solo plus Wyatt, which is what they both want. Lily got to take Wyatt to music class–well, she didn’t have any choice there, because I didn’t have a sitter, but she did want to. He actually laid on the floor between my legs, eyes open, watching everything and apparently had a wonderful time. Lily showed him off–It’s Wyatt! And did more than she’s ever done in class before. They made my […]

Things get better

You know, this is the good part. Lily had a much better day today, not asking for “nappy” quite so much, took no for an answer a couple of times and actively chose to stop nursing, even though Wyatt was still at it, so that she could play with Sam. And both went to bed beautifully. I’m happy to nurse her, pleased to still get to hold her that way, as long as it’s not every time I nurse Wyatt! […]

Wyatt, Baby Extraordinaire, Arrives

So, not a false alarm after all! I will post a picture, I will share the whole story, just as soon as I catch up on my sleep (right–that will be sometime in 2008, so maybe just a little sooner!) But suffice it to say, labor indeed. But no faster, unfortunately, than with numbers one or two. It seems like my body pretty much has all kids the same way–no shooting them out like watermelon seeds for me! (Some woman, […]

3 long weeks or 3 short weeks?

It has just come to my attention that my due date-and this is my latest due date, actually five days away from the earliest one that’s been suggested–is three weeks away. (Not latest in the sense that it’s just been given to me, but latest in the sense that of the three guesses made by various midwives and ultrasound technicians, it’s the farthest away.) Three weeks is not very much. We have yogurt in our fridge that will still be […]

The Amazingly Quick Morning Routine

I just want to say that I can wash my hair, blow dry, do make-up, etc. and get dressed in about half an hour or less, I really can. This is why it took an hour and a half this morning: Undressed for shower. Lily decided she wanted to shower, too. Helped her take off pjs, diaper. Lily sees that it is a shower, not a tubby, and does not want to get int. Much crying ensues, which probably actually […]

2 Hours A Day Is Not Enough

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A Very Small Silver Lining

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24-7 Kids Kids Kids

I sometimes think that we are the only family that spends all of our time either actively entertaining our kids grunting and getting up unwillingly to help with something or get something while trying to do something that appeals to you (like, say, reading the newspaper) trying to persuade your spouse to do all the entertaining so you can hear yourself think taking kids somewhere kid-appropriate, or at least somewhere to kill time. Sam and Lily are 4 1/2 and […]

Unquestionably the Lamest Last-Minute Show and Tell Ever

Picture026.jpg, originally uploaded by kjda. Sam, stricken, as we walk into school today: It’s Show and Tell Day! Me: Oh. Sam: And we can’t pick something from the classroom anymore! I need something! It is clear there is no point in suggesting that he just not give a show and tell today, not if I want to get out of there without tears. I suggest that I’ll go to the car and look for something. The car is not the […]

It Only Seems Like Forever

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So, old lady in the grocery store, you win. I am sorry that my two children and their mini-carts momentarily blocked your progress through the grocery store. I am sure you have many, many other important things to do, and hopefully you’re expending most orf your patience on them. That’s the sarcastic bit. But actually, I really am ashamed that either a) they can’t push those damnable little carts of horror nicely, without freezing in mid aisle to determinedly chew […]


This is wholly stolen from a friend of mine, who’s website I would link to here if she’d let me, although it would be risky because she has, probably wisely, chosen to keep her site wholly anonymous, but: The best thing about being pregnant with your third baby is that when people smile wisely at you and say “Is it your first?” you shake your head and say “Nope. Third.” And then they just back slowly away. No advice, no […]

Maternity Jeans

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