Things get better

You know, this is the good part. Lily had a much better day today, not asking for “nappy” quite so much, took no for an answer a couple of times and actively chose to stop nursing, even though Wyatt was still at it, so that she could play with Sam. And both went to bed beautifully. I’m happy to nurse her, pleased to still get to hold her that way, as long as it’s not every time I nurse Wyatt!
Sam’s been holding Wyatt and letting Wyatt suck his finger. He’s really good at it. Lily likes to hold Wyatt, too, but her attention span is, shall we say, limited and she’s ready to toss him aside like a doll if something better comes along. I think Sam would sit for an hour, and Wyatt might sit with him–he sat on him for a good twenty minutes today. I can see them watching TV like that in a few months.
Wyatt is snuggled up next to me in bed, dirtying his diaper, little clenched hands up around his ears. He’s getting less red, and his hands and feet are smoothing out and plumping up. We tried him in the swing today. He liked it. Lily and Sam liked fighting over who got to touch it, who was not allowed to push it, and who got to sit closer to Wyatt swinging in it. The rest of us liked eating our dinner in (relative) peace.

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KJThings get better


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