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Wyatt, Baby Extraordinaire, Arrives

So, not a false alarm after all! I will post a picture, I will share the whole story, just as soon as I catch up on my sleep (right–that will be sometime in 2008, so maybe just a little sooner!)
But suffice it to say, labor indeed. But no faster, unfortunately, than with numbers one or two. It seems like my body pretty much has all kids the same way–no shooting them out like watermelon seeds for me! (Some woman, while I was laboring, basically, walked in, had her baby, and left…that’s an exageration, but the midwife did pop out, catch her baby and return without my ever even noticing she was gone…)
We went to the hospital at around 6 with no doubt that I was in labor, and I was–but only at “4-5 cm”. I’m sure she added the -5 so I’d feel better.
Labor progressed merrily, and, I have to say, was indeed made more bearable for me by the use of hypnobirthing/guided imagery techniques. Which isn’t really a HUGE imrovement, but somewhat. A touch of Fentanel, a friendly narcotic, helped to take the edge off–again, not much, but every little bit helped.
And in the end, he turned around, so that I was not back laboring or endeavoring to push out a sunny side up baby and yet…
Emergency c-section. Ironic, no? Smallest head, only one facing the right way, and what with one thing and another and a lot of dramatic dips in heart rate and then some before I was ready to push, everything suddenly took a turn for the extreme right at the end.
And it was fine with me. I always thought that was the worst of all worlds, to labor labor labor and then have the whole thing end in a C, but I’m not even slightly upset. I couldn’t get him out at that point, and he was really struggling–the cord was wrapped around his neck, although that may or may not have been the issue–and they did what had to be done and I was extremely grateful that they were there to do it.
So now I’ve tried nearly everything: Epidural, all-natural and C-section births. I’m not sure yet which wins. I think I need to progress a little farther with recovery to answer that question.
But anyway, the upshot: Jacob Wyatt, 7 lbs 3 oz, 21.5 inches and delightful in nearly every way!

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KJWyatt, Baby Extraordinaire, Arrives


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