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Booster Seats and the New Odyssey

We just bought the customary third child minivan, for two reasons: primarily because in our SUV, in order to reach the third row, either a) you fold down one of the front seats, thus leaving no room for two car seats or b) the child in the third row has to climb over the middle row or c) you have to open the back hatch. Even taking into account how much fun all that would be, then picture one of those situations where said child decides, for whatever reason, that he cannot fasten the seat belt…

So. That’s the primary reason, and from that point of view, things are fine. But there was a second reason–carpooling. Once every three weeks, I have to put three four-year-olds in the car and shuttle them from point a to point b. I would MUCH rather do this without removing one of the soon-to-be-two LATCH-based car seats–in other words, I planned, not unreasonably, I don’t think, to put all three in the third row. Obviously they have to be in boosters, both for safety reasons and because hey, it’s the law.

Well, no. Not easily, anyway. Because of where Honda has put the seat belt in the middle seat in the back, although you can fit three boosters across fairly easily, the one in the middle has to sit on top of the seat belt–and even an adult can’t get it buckled if it’s squarely underneath the plastic booster seat base. Honda doesn’t make an extender for it, either–I checked.
You can, JUST, get a britax starriser in there. Of course, they’re apparently not making those anymore, and all the other seats on the market have too wide a base to do this.

This, needless to say, is frustrating. I think we have worked it out–an adult will have to do the buckling, though, but it isn’t that often…still, you would think the possibility of someone wanting to put three kids back there, in the top-rated family minivan in the country, would have occurred to them.

Plus there’s no change holder. So, it’s the best mini-van for people who live in places with neither meters nor tolls, who do not plan to put three kids in booster seats (Or, presumably, car seats, although I haven’t tried it) in the third row.

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KJBooster Seats and the New Odyssey


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