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Stop Kicking Me! I’m Down!

#3 has been resolutely kicking and pushing at one particular spot on my left side for weeks now. Today he (accepting ultrasound version of sex even though I’m not invested in it, for convenience sake) outdid himself. By 2:00 I was nearly in tears. Tylenol is no help, and if you thik about it, would it be? If you had a big giant bruise and I kept poking it, would you take a little mild painkiller, or would you punch me in the nose?
The midwives said oh, that sounds painful, and maybe if I poke him, he will move. Well, he didn’t, but I did find that if I lay so that gravity is hauling him away from the spot, he can’t get there. Increased comfort for me.
Which brings me to this question: Could you, would you do bedrest if it was just about you? Let me say that I am constitutionally nearly incapable of voluntarily napping, so I don’t think I could–but let’s say that you were really, really in a lot of pain or discomfort for whatever reason, but the baby was in no danger, but you felt better in bed–a lot better. I’m not talking putting your feet up a bit and resting, here, but real pain or misery of some kind–constant vomiting, say, or a really disabling series of headaches. Do you concede to greater forces, or force yourself to power through?
I am not at this point, not nearly, and maybe it’s purely hypothetical–I just wondered.

KJStop Kicking Me! I’m Down!


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