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Just a Temporary Truce

I refuse to wave the white flag, but there is now no way I can meet that Dec. 31st deadline. All my babysitting for the end of the week has fallen through, so unless I skip the New Year’s Eve party we’re supposed to attend in favor of drafting, there’s no way for me to get anything done. Even today, I kept thinking–what about tonight? And tomorrow night? But it’s time to be realistic. We came home from the holidays to a house with no heat last night, and both would up with very little sleep. I can do a little, but not enough–which doesn’t mean I won’t do that little. I will get there.
Circumstances and small children conspire against me.
Tonight I gave up to a concentrated effort to find a couple of new critique partners, thanks to a very generous member of the Chicklit group I belong to, who’s doing some matching. More than worth it. I’m going to be ready for that help very soon. I have one good partner, but I’ll need a few voices. Tomorrow there will continue to be drafting. All I can do is keep plugging along.
But I am disappointed. And I feel tethered and tied by my choices. I have never been good at conforming to the desires and goals of others, and the fact that the others are, in this case, very very small doesn’t make it any easier.
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KJJust a Temporary Truce


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