So, old lady in the grocery store, you win. I am sorry that my two children and their mini-carts momentarily blocked your progress through the grocery store. I am sure you have many, many other important things to do, and hopefully you’re expending most orf your patience on them.

That’s the sarcastic bit. But actually, I really am ashamed that either a) they can’t push those damnable little carts of horror nicely, without freezing in mid aisle to determinedly chew on the handle and refusing to be moved (Lily) or racing halfway down an aisle, even an empty one, and then sliding to a stop (Sam). (I can see the appeal of that, and he never hits anyone or anything, but it looks awful.) or b) I don’t have the strength of character to force them, screaming, into a cart seat (Lily) or to walk along nicely beside me without the cart (Sam). I just don’t. I barely have the strength of character required to go to the grocery store, let alone exert significant control once I get there. I’m not hungry. I’m tired and I don’t feel very good. WHy must the other three members of the family and the two dogs be fed?

Cranky, cranky day that ended with nosy Sam discovering a very small piece of what was supposed to be a Santa present and me getting disporportionately angry. movies used adultmovie samples view dildotall walking moviewedding movie quotes crashersrated preview x moviexxx search movieyoung movies girlsmovies girl zoompegs movie adultlesbian amateur movies



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