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Nano, Nano November

My plans for November:
Thanksgiving, of course.
One big party, many many guests, with enough food to constitute dinner–that’s the weekend before Thanksgiving.
One short trip to Bermuda. (Lucky one night boondoggle.)
Clean entire house preparatory to huge party, as in–that cabinet has got to go! I ordered new shelves and gee, if I’m going to clear the kitchen counters I might as well organize the spice cabinet, and once I do that I have to move some stuff to this other cabinet, and I’d better clean out the fridge for the food…
Pitch promotional reading to babies articles to multiple magazines to coincide with publication of book (has to be done now, since editors are assigning for April).
Write a 50,000 word novel. Well, I’m cheating by using NaNoWriMo to finish my existing novel, but that’s what’s important to me, and the 50K words are the same.
Oh, and gestate this baby. Probably spend some time with existing kids, too.
Just a few minor things, you know. November is always a slow month.
Word count: 1891 (nobody do the math, ok?)

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KJNano, Nano November


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